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Aquacultured copepods

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Tigger pods are a species of harpacticoid copepods, known scientifically as Tigriopus californicus. Tigger pods play a crucial role in home aquariums, particularly in reef systems. They serve as a natural and nutritious food source for a variety of marine animals, including fish, corals, and invertebrates. Rich in essential fatty acids and proteins, they promote health, vitality, and coloration in marine organisms. Beyond nutrition, tigger pods contribute to the aquarium's ecosystem by aiding in waste decomposition and algae control, thus maintaining water quality and biological balance.

Pods per Bottle

Microns per Bottle

10-20% Reduction
of Algae

20-30% Increase
of Nutritional Intake

Farming Process

  • Culture System

    A separate tank or container is used, equipped with aeration to keep water oxygenated and circulated.

  • Water Conditions

    Salinity, temperature, and pH levels are carefully controlled to match their natural coastal environments.
  • Feeding & Harvesting

    Tigger pods are fed with phytoplankton or specially formulated feeds that promote healthy growth and reproduction.
  • Continuous Culture

    To maintain a sustainable population, part of the colony is always retained in the culture system to ensure ongoing reproduction and supply.
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1 Pod+ bottle includes:
  • 2500+ pods
  • 50-2000 Microns
Suitable for 25 gallons of water. Scale as needed.

(100+ rating)
1 Pod+ bottle includes: 2500+ pods 50-2000 Microns

boost Nutritional

Increase Breeding Success

Help Clean and maintain Tank


Suppport Biological Balance

Reduce Algae 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pod+ cultured in-house?

Yes! The Pod+ and Phyto+ are both farmed and bottled in house at our brick and mortar store in Gainesville, FL!

How often should I add Tigger Pods to my tank?

This depends on your tank's size and the number of predators. Some aquarists add them monthly, while others do so more frequently to ensure a steady population. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Will Tigger Pods survive in a reef tank?

Absolutely. In fact, reef tanks are ideal for Tigger Pods as they provide numerous hiding spots and a natural environment for them to thrive.

Is it easy to take care of Tigger Pods?

Yes, they are quite hardy and can thrive in a range of salinity levels. However, they do require stable water conditions and a regular supply of phytoplankton or appropriate food.

How do I introduce Pods into my aquarium?

You can directly add them to your tank. It's best to do this after the lights are out, as many fish are less active then, giving the pods a chance to establish themselves.

Can Tigger Pods damage my tank?

Tigger Pods are generally safe and beneficial for saltwater aquariums, and they do not damage the tank environment. However, if their population becomes excessively high due to a lack of natural predators, it could lead to an imbalance in the aquarium's ecosystem. Overall, with proper management and balance of species, Tigger Pods contribute positively to the health and biodiversity of marine aquariums.

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