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Our 4 Step Approach to Servicing

Designed to ensure thorough care and maintenance of your aquarium at every stage.

Consultation and Analysis

Our team will begin with a preliminary analysis to assess the current state of your tank. We will discuss your tank goals and determine next-steps to achieve these goals.

Service Plan 

We will set up a servicing plan that works best for you and your tank. By establishing a consistent schedule, we can ensure your tank is receiving the care it needs to reach your long term goals.

Initial Cleaning & Treatment

This step looks different for every tank. We offer a breadth of cleaning servicing including algae cleaning, invasive coral cleanup, water changes, etc. Your tank will also be dosed if it is lacking certain nutrients.

Sit Back and Enjoy

Relax and enjoy your thriving tank. Rest assured that we will adhere to the schedule that we agreed on. If there are changing goals or requirements, we will adjust our schedule to align with these new objectives.

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"Our service professional Dan is very knowledge about aquariums. He was able to clean up our algae covered tank and create an environment where my fish and corals can thrive. My tank has never looked better!"

"Koral King was able to set up my first ever tank! Not only did they help with installation, but they taught me the basics on how to run my tank. Now I have multiple colonies and fish, all thanks to Koral King!"

“Dan helped me achieve my tank goals through his monthly servicing schedule. He always shows up on time and provides impactful insights about my tank. There is no one else I would trust with my tank with over Dan!"

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