About Us

We are a Gainesville based company that specializes in all things coral reef. Whether you are looking to start your first tank or transform your existing collection, we want to help you. Our teams diversified experience in the coral industry allows us to provide the best services to our customers across all 48 states. Our specialties include aquaculture knowledge, aquarium servicing and setup, rare marine life acquisition, and much more.

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  • What do you use to take your pictures/videos?
    • iPhone 11 Pro Max with Orphek Lens for videos and Sony A7r IV for pictures!
  • How many tanks do you have?
    • Five tanks! Waterbox220.6, Biocube32, Waterbox20, JBJ25, and IM Nuvo Drop-off. 
  • What are your water parameters?
    • 8 alkalinity, 440 calcium, 1200 magnesium, 8 pH, 1.025 salinity, 76-78 degrees Fahrenheit, 5-15 nitrates, 0.03-0.1 phosphates. 
  • What is your filtration method?
    • Filterfloss, phosphate pad, chemipure elite/blue (interchange), protein skimmer, mangroves, UV sterilizer.
  • Lights and light schedule?
    • Waterbox220 uses a Radion XR30 G5 Blue + T5 hybrid combo, Biocube32 uses 2 AI Primes, Waterbox20 uses 1 AI Prime, and the other tanks use Radion XR15 G5 Blue. I use the WWC light schedule which can be found here
    • Where are you based?
      • Gainesville, FL! 

    Meet the Team


      Alan Lee



    Daniel Perotti



    Mirin M.

    General Manager


    Bear Miller

    Husbandry Manager 


    Quan Owens

    Senior Sales Associate


    Dalton Brown

    Sales Associate