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The Foundation of Every Tank!

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Feeding Your Tank

Similar to how plants are the foundation of land life on earth, phytoplankton are the building blocks of any marine aquarium. Phytoplankton not only provide a direct food source for filter feeders like certain corals and small invertebrates but also improve water quality by consuming excess nutrients, which helps in reducing the growth of harmful algae. Additionally, they contribute to the overall health and stability of the aquarium ecosystem by aiding in the cycling of nutrients.

Pods per Bottle

Microns per Bottle

10-20% Increase
of Oxygen Levels

20-30% Decrease
in Algae 

Farming Process

  • Culture System

    A separate tank or container is used, equipped with aeration to keep water oxygenated and circulated.

  • Water Conditions

    Salinity, temperature, and pH levels are carefully controlled to match their natural coastal environments and promote photosynthesis.
  • Maintenance

    We regularly monitor the culture for pH levels, temperature, and nutrient concentrations to ensure optimal growth conditions.
  • Continuous Culture

    To maintain a sustainable population, part of the colony is always retained in the culture system to ensure ongoing reproduction and supply.
Koral King


1 Pod+ bottle includes:
  • 8 oz of Koral King Phyto+
  • Blend of 2 specifies of phytoplankton
  • No preservatives, gels, binders, or other additives

(100+ rating)
1 Pod+ bottle includes: 8 oz of Koral King Phyto+ Blend of 2 specifies of phytoplankton No preservatives, gels, binders, or other additives

boost Nutritional

Improve Water 

Help Clean and maintain Tank


Increase Oxygen Production

Suppport Biological Balance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Phyto+ cultured in-house?

Yes! The Pod+ and Phyto+ are both farmed and bottled in house at our brick and mortar store in Gainesville, FL!

How often should I add Phyto+ to my tank?

This depends on the size and needs of your aquarium, but generally, phytoplankton can be added 2-3 times a week in small, controlled amounts to prevent water quality issues.

Will phytoplankton lead to algae problems in my tank?

Properly balanced and controlled addition of phytoplankton should not cause algae problems. In fact, phytoplankton can help reduce unwanted algae by consuming excess nutrients in the water.

Does my tank need Phyto+?

If you have filter feeders like certain corals, clams, or sponges, they will benefit from phytoplankton. Also, a lack of natural green water coloration or poor coral health can be indicators.

How does phytoplankton affect water quality?

Phytoplankton can improve water quality by consuming excess nutrients, but overfeeding or poor maintenance can lead to water quality issues, so monitoring and balance are key..

Can phytoplankton improve coral growth and health?

Yes, phytoplankton can significantly enhance coral health and growth by providing essential nutrients and aiding in the overall stability of the water's nutrient content.
Koral King


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