Welcome to Koral King's invert collection, featuring essential invertebrates carefully selected for their health and beauty. Inverts play a vital role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem by cleaning the tank and preventing algae growth. Our competitively priced collection is backed by a DOA guarantee, so you can add these fascinating creatures to your tank with confidence. Shop our collection today and experience the importance of inverts in your aquarium.


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Astrea Snail - Koral King
Nassarius Snail - Koral King
Trochus Snail
Sea Hare - Koral King
Sea Hare - Koral King
Sea Hare
Margarita Snail - Koral King
Red Dwarf Hermit - Koral King
Lettuce Slug - Koral King
Halloween Crab - Koral King
Peppermint Shrimp - Koral King
Halloween Hermit - Koral King
Purple Lobster - Koral King
Arrow Crab - Koral King
Coral Banded Shrimp - Koral King
Fighting Conch - Koral King
Tiger Serpent Star