JF TNT Anacropora



Anacropora corals are a unique and captivating group within the reef-keeping community, renowned for their distinct branching growth forms and slender, twig-like structures. Anacroporas exhibit a variety of colors, from subtle shades to more vivid hues, adding a delicate and natural beauty to any marine aquarium. They are appreciated for their moderate care requirements, thriving in a range of lighting and flow conditions. Their intriguing appearance and ability to create a dense, forest-like effect make them a fascinating addition to reef tanks, providing both aesthetic appeal and habitat for marine life.

Quick Facts

 Scientific Name: Echinophyllia aspera

W: 1" H: 4-5"






Notes from the King:

"Unlike the typically robust and diverse growth forms of Acropora corals, Anacropora corals are characterized by their slender, twig-like branches, giving them a more delicate and intricate appearance in the reef aquarium."


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