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Red Bowerbanki

Red Bowerbanki

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Bowerbanki coral (Plerogyra sinuosa) is a species of stony coral commonly found in the shallow waters of the Indo-Pacific region. It has a distinct bubble-like appearance due to the numerous vesicles that cover its surface. The coral typically grows in a round or dome shape and can range in color from brown to green, yellow, or even purple. In the wild, bowerbanki coral provides habitat for a variety of marine life and plays an important role in maintaining the health and biodiversity of coral reef ecosystems.

Quick Facts

 Scientific Name: Plerogyra sinuosa

W: 1.5" H: 1.5"






Notes from the King:

"Bring the beauty of the Indo-Pacific to your home aquarium with a vibrant Red Bowerbanki coral - a striking centerpiece that will add depth and character to your underwater world."

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