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Jasmine Clove Polyp

Jasmine Clove Polyp

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Clove polyps, also known as Clavularia sp., are a stunning addition to any reef tank. These soft corals feature long, delicate tentacles with bright, vivid colors that range from purple, green, pink, and orange. They have a unique clove-like appearance and are often found in large colonies. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color to your tank or want to create a thriving reef ecosystem, clove polyps are an excellent choice.

*Actual frag may vary slightly*

Quick Facts

 Scientific Name:  Clavularia sp.

W: 0.5" H: 0.5"






Notes from the King:

"Clove polyp like these ones will retract their "feathers" if they sense any threat, transforming into a colorful stone."

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