• What do you use to take your pictures/videos?
    • iPhone 11 Pro Max with Orphek Lens!


  • How many tanks do you have?
    • Five tanks! Waterbox220.6, Biocube32, Waterbox20, JBJ25, and IM Nuvo Drop-off. 


  • What are your water parameters?
    • 8 alkalinity, 440 calcium, 1200 magnesium, 8 pH, 1.025 salinity, 76-78 degrees Fahrenheit, 5-15 nitrates, 0.03-0.1 phosphates. 


  • What is your filtration method?
    • Filterfloss, phosphate pad, chemipure elite/blue (interchange), protein skimmer, mangroves, UV sterilizer.


  • Lights and light schedule?
    • Waterbox220 uses a Radion XR30 G5 Blue + T5 hybrid combo, Biocube32 uses 2 AI Primes, Waterbox20 uses 1 AI Prime, and the other tanks use Radion XR15 G5 Blue. I use the WWC light schedule which can be found here


  • Favorite coral(s)?
    • Check the About Us section to see the hottest of the hot in my collection!


  • Where are you based?
    • South Florida! 


Any other questions feel free to DM me on Instagram @thekoralking